March 3, 2021

Stand Together Ventures Lab Announces Investment in West Tenth

West Tenth provides independent, home-based businesses with a digital marketplace to connect with their local communities.

Arlington, VA – Stand Together Ventures Lab (STVL3, LLC) announced a new investment in West Tenth, an online platform designed to support the millions of women who turn their nontraditional skills into home-based businesses. The investment is the latest from STVL3, LLC, a group focused on originating, incubating, and funding ventures that leverage disruptive business models or technology with the potential to drive societal transformation. West Tenth is a marketplace app that connects people to home-based businesses in their communities. It’s a place they can find local bakers, family photographers, personal stylists, home organizers, and more.

West Tenth’s mission is to encourage women to turn their talents into businesses and give other families access to their skills. For instance, if someone is a skilled baker, West Tenth is making it easy for them to launch a home-based baking business by connecting them to nearby families in search of a custom-themed cake. If they are an expert in home organization, West Tenth is giving their cluttered neighbors a way to utilize this skill in their own homes.

The company was founded by Lyn Johnson and Sara Sparhawk, entrepreneurs who recognize that millions of women are starting home-based businesses as an alternative to traditional employment, which tends to undervalue them and provides limited flexibility. They created a platform dedicated to helping people who have spent time outside of the workforce turn their talents into businesses that lend value to their local communities.

“Even before COVID, 28 million women in the United States did not participate in the workforce. That number has jumped as women’s jobs have been decimated by the pandemic, and more women than ever are opting out of the workforce to care for family,” said Lyn Johnson, CEO of West Tenth. “Women often struggle to return to work after they’ve been away for family reasons, and this last year has thrown that problem into high relief. But interestingly, no one seems to recognize the incredible skill sets women develop inside the home. Our mission at West Tenth is to help women monetize domestic talents by creating a platform that connects them with the people in their community who could benefit from their skills.”

“We’re excited to support a group dedicated to lowering the barriers to entrepreneurship and economic creativity,” said Sihyun Choi, managing director at STVL3, LLC. “The pathway to economic opportunity should be more diverse, and West Tenth is making it easier for people to turn their talents into meaningful opportunities for themselves and their families.”