Partnering with 

Capitol Leaders.

Why Capitol Leaders

  • Join a strong network of faculty, partner organizations, and other Capitol Leaders to build your legacy through your time in government and beyond.
  • Gain issue expertise in crucial policy areas.
  • Sharpen political skills such as legislative strategy, communications and public relations, lobbying and intergovernmental affairs, coalition-building, and more.
  • Identify your purpose — use our tools to transform the political culture within your state government.
  • Gain the ability to inspire and create change through policy and compelling messages.
  • Skillset Coaching by world-class lobbyists, policy experts, media and public relations professionals, grassroots recruiters, and leadership consultants.
  • Access to Americans for Prosperity and the parts of the larger Stand Together community and its relationships with state and federal legislators, influential business and education leaders, and extensive in-house staff and resources.

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